Marc Weisberg Can Improve Your Investment Outcomes

Marc Weisberg, Managing Principal of Soho Investment Partners in New York City, employs an investment strategy reflective of his two-plus decades in the field. While he is attuned to developments in various industries, he is well aware there is always more to learn, that the landscape is ever-changing. While he has contacts in many fields, he does not hesitate to rely on his intuition.

That has led Marc Weisberg to adopt a diversified approach — to look toward the telecom, media and technology (TMT) industries, where he first cut his teeth as an investor, but also expand his portfolio into such areas as cyber security, oil and gas, app development and distilled spirits, all through Soho Investment Partners.

Guiding Principles

Respect for those individuals who have helped support and educate him

Marc Weisberg has had no bigger influence than Bill Daniels, a pioneer in cable television, under whom he first learned the ropes about the TMT industry early in his career. Marc Weisberg, a Michigan native, had worked as a CPA for six years following his graduation from Michigan State University in 1980, but learned about the transactional side of business from Daniels, a respected investment banker and investor.

Enduring appreciation for experiences gained through every interaction.

Marc Weisberg sees enormous value in face-to-face dealings, believing that it is easier to engage another person in that fashion, and that such interactions are far more sincere. That’s often his starting point with company founders seeking capital, and where intuition can come into play. He often proceeds from such meetings based on his gut feeling.

Passion for learning new industries

After familiarizing himself with a company founder, Marc Weisberg then takes a deep dive into the business, as indeed every investor must. Doing the requisite legwork is nothing new for him, as after his time at Daniels & Associates he established his own advisory firm. That enabled him to build upon his knowledge of the sector, as well as his client base, and led him to advise several businesses, including Liberty Media, a company deeply rooted in the media, entertainment and communications sectors.

Then, in 2013, Marc Weisberg and his family relocated to New York City, where he was part of a group that bought Source Media, whose 13 brands include American Banker and Bond Buyer.

Options in Corporate Investment

Disruptive Technology

Tech continues to evolve at an astonishing speed, and it impacts virtually every sector. In commerce, Walmart, which itself had turned shopping on its ear in a brick-and-mortar sense, gave way to Amazon, which made online shopping a way of life. In communication, landlines gave way to cellphones, which were supplanted by smart phones — or, more accurately, “smart devices,” given their many uses. And in transportation, taxis and ride-sharing services uneasily coexist.

Autonomous vehicles are up next. And the other fields will see new developments as well. One thing is certain: Marc Weisberg will be on the case, forever cognizant of what’s coming down the pike.

Quantum Computing

IBM and Google have already made strides in this space, and there is some expectation that quantum supremacy — i.e., the point at which a quantum computer is able to perform a task far more efficiently than a classical computer — might be achieved in the next two years.

Understand that it is not expected that quantum laptops will be widely available (though it is possible that such services will be accessible via the cloud). Rather quantum computers can be expected to solve complex problems; some have gone so far, in fact, as to predict they will be able to conjure up a cancer cure or a solution to climate change.

Its biggest impact, at least initially, figures to be in the area of cybersecurity. And Deloitte reports that the quantum market might eventually be equivalent to the current

supercomputer market — about $50 billion. By contrast, the classical computer market is expected to be twice that in 2019.


It is expected that in 2020 there will be a major breakthrough in 5G (i.e., the fifth generation of wireless networks), given the fact that all the telecom giants are in various stages of rolling out the technology.

That has major implications for such things as the Internet of Things and autonomous vehicles, increases the possibility of smart weaponry and remote surgery and makes it far more likely that augmented reality glasses and virtual reality headsets will go mainstream. Some even believe that such technology will overtake smartphones in popularity.

App Development

Americans spend approximately four hours a day on their smartphones. Most of that time is devoted to social media, with shopping, searching and exploring entertainment options accounting for the rest.

High-profile tech companies have invested heavily in sectors like artificial intelligence, cloud-driven appswearables and accelerated mobile pages. Further development can be expected, in areas like AR and VR.

Some traditional forms of media, including radio, can be expected to remain in the picture, but the evolution continues, in media and elsewhere. And Marc Weisberg can be expected to remain on the cutting edge.

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