Things Are Not Going Well, So Is A Crash Inevitable?

Nick Ienatsch writes, “There are valid, real reasons for crashing motorcycles, reasons you tell your friends and they nod in agreement. “Nothing you could have done,” they will say, believing it. But often, our crashes come at the end of a string of issues that, in hindsight, point us directly to the eventual crash. We think of the steps we took and the hints we missed. The hints we miss are what this week’s column is about.

I try not to use vulgar language in this column so use your imagination when I write: Crashes come when that downhill train filled with “snow” finally gathers enough momentum to careen off the rails. The earlier we recognize that the snow-filled train is gathering speed down the mountain, the more times we will stave off the almost-inevitable crash.”

This article will help you become a safe rider, which is why I suggest clicking here to read the full piece! 

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