Is riding two-up a motorcycle safety blind spot?

RevZilla’s Jake Bright opens up about the safety issues that can arise from riding two-up on a motorcycle. Riding two-up is a skill that some riders overlook as a safety issue. Take a peak at this Common Thread article to get the full picture on this skill.

“The motorcycle safety debate has plenty of chatter on how everyone and their brother can get licensed with little instruction or experience. But there’s little talk about being prepared to add a passenger.

Putting your brother, girlfriend, or neighbor on the back seat significantly changes how your motorcycle handles. Not only does it add a lot of pounds, it also adds a lot more responsibility than someone riding shotgun in your Ford. Yet, in the United States there are almost no restrictions on who can take a passenger on a motorcycle. Very little training in riding two-up is available and there are no reliable statistics on how two-up riding affects safety.

That raises some important questions, starting with how a passenger impacts your bike’s performance.”

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