Tips to avoid hitting a deer on your motorcycle

In this RevZilla  Common Thread article, Mark Gardiner explores ways to avoid hitting a deer while riding a motorcycle. Read an excerpt here:

“The Pittsburgh MotoAmerica round got off to a somber start last weekend when racers and teams learned that Brian Drebber, the popular series announcer, was killed while riding from his home in Georgia to the airport. Brian was on the way to Pittsburgh to call the races when he collided with a deer.

Drebber was certainly not the first very experienced rider to be taken out by a deer strike. Larry Grodsky, who wrote the “Stayin’ Safe” column in Rider magazine for decades, also died after a collision with a deer in Texas.

I lived in Alberta and worked in Canada’s Rocky Mountain national parks for a few years, amidst one of the world’s most abundant and diverse deer populations. So I know from experience that some deer collisions are practically impossible to avoid. But, as we’re about to enter the highest-risk season for deer strikes, now’s a good time to review best practices.

There are five main American deer species. In the order you’re likely to see them on roadsides, whitetail deer predominate, followed by mule deer, elk and moose; unless you’re riding in very remote terrain, you won’t encounter caribou.”

Read the rest of Gardiner’s article by clicking here! 

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