Five tips for better riding from California Superbike School

“The number one thing instructors tell you when it comes to cornering is to look through the corner. So what the hell does that mean?”

Don’t miss out on these five tips for better riding from the California Superbike School. If you’re looking to improve your riding skills, I suggest you take a look at these five things!

“You could have heard a pin drop in the classroom as 17 students shifted nervously in their chairs. Dylan Code, the instructor at California Superbike School who posed the question, sat patiently waiting for a response.

So this is why riders sign up for California Superbike School, I thought to myself — for the answers to all of those questions we thought we already knew.”

If you are not familiar with California Superbike School, it is a traveling classroom that stops at different racetracks across the country to help riders of varying levels improve their riding. They offer one- and two-day classes and provide a one-stop-shop experience for riders harboring an interest in riding on the track but who might not want to make the investment in their bike or their gear. The only real requirement of folks attending the school is to have about a year of riding experience under their belts. Everything else, from leathers to helmets, to a brand new 2016 BMW S 1000 RR can be rented.

I attended the two-day class at New Jersey Motorsports Park, the local track for those of us residing in Philadelphia. With the two-day class, use of the Beemers is a requirement (twist my arm on that one), and the student-to-instructor ratio drops to two-to-one. I was curious as to whether the S 1000 RR would be overkill for this class, but my coach Benny explained that because of all of the electronic aids on the BMW, they have seen a reduction in crashes since switching from the Kawasaki ZX-6R.

Over the two days of instruction, I was blown away with how drastically I was able to see my riding improve and my lap times fall. The following are the five biggest takeaways I brought home with me from the school. Keep in mind this article is not meant to act as a substitute for attending a track day or a formal riding school. Rather, these are just some tips that I picked up that significantly helped my riding.”

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