Situation Awareness In A High-Threat Environment – RIDE CRAFT

“Years ago I read an inter­view with a veteran Air Force fighter pilot who said that veteran fighter pilots beat rookie pilots in mock air battles because the rookies “look away at the wrong time.” This comment stuck with me as I observed motorcyclists’ eye usage.

Recently retired three-star Marine Corps Gen. Robert Schmidle flies jets and teaches others to fly jets, and I asked him about the above quote. “Flying fighters requires many different scan patterns, but when you spot the enemy aircraft, you ‘padlock’ your focus so as not to lose sight of it. You learn to look with purpose but without prejudice,” he said.

Many times riders and drivers I know have looked away at the wrong time. When they should have “padlocked” onto the highest-priority danger, they looked away.”

Click here to read the rest of this article by Nick Ienatsch, where he goes through specific examples and situations to think about. This article was originally published on Cycle World. 


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