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Nick Ienatsch is at it again, and has come up with resolutions fit for any rider! There’s no need to wait until December to start making resolutions when it comes to riding. Check out this excerpt from Ienatsch’s Tuesday, and see what Nick’s resolutions are:

“2017 will be three days old when this is published and many of us will have already pledged ourselves to resolutions. May I add a few more to your list? My suggestions are based on the shared goal I have discussed with you many times: We never hit the ground again!

This shared goal can be termed “safety” but as Marine Corps pilot General Robert Schmidle taught us (read Situation Awareness In A High-Threat Environment), consistent flight safety only happened when the Marine Corps “decided to quit talking about safety and focused on creating excellent pilots”. General Schmidle told us that written or verbal platitudes did nothing to improve pilot safety, but excellent skills did.

The Transportation Institute at Virginia Tech teamed with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation to follow 100 riders for over 350,000 miles and their findings will also affect the rider’s resolutions I present to you today.

And on top of the Marine Corps and Virginia Tech/MSF information, we at YCRS have our own “laboratory” that puts us helmet-to-helmet with riders year-round. The YCRS instructors are living the life in the saddle, whether racing, street riding or dirt-bike riding. We love, love, love riding and realize how much fun “not crashing” is! Our constant question to ourselves and our students is: How can I ride at a pace I enjoy for the rest of my life? Many of my friends and students are racing so we racers slightly rephrase this question: How can I run at the front without unreasonable risk?”

Explore Nick’s answers to these questions by clicking here and reading the rest of this Ienatsch Tuesday post on Cycle World. 

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