What We Wear (Below the neck)

Are you an All The Gear All The Time (ATGATT) rider? David L. Hough is, and explains why in the first part of the two part series, What We Wear. Based on an article published in Motorcycle Consumer News, January 2016, Hough goes through the importance of motorcycle gear one should wear below the neck, citing key research. If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast as I am, this is a must read!

“The Aliens

A few years ago during a cross-country transit I stopped at a little cowboy town in eastern Montana. As I was finishing my dinner at the local restaurant, a motorcycling couple came in. To be polite, I stopped on my way out to socialize. I was startled to see that the male rider’s face, neck, and arms were sunburned flaming red. When I mentioned that he could use more sunscreen before the next ride his female companion quickly replied, “Oh, he always looks like that.” They were wearing the standard “biker” costume of jeans and T shirts, and they hadn’t draped any jackets, gloves, or helmets on the chairs as they sat down. Apparently these folks just get on the bike and ride, whatever the environmental conditions.”


Click here to read David L. Houghs full article, What We Wear (Below the neck). 

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