What We Wear above the neck

In part 2 of David L. Hough’s two part series, What We Wear, Hough explores proper motorcycle helmets, the NHTSA’s position on protective equipment and research showing the importance of wearing protective head gear when riding. Here’s a short excerpt from this article, one I suggest any rider read:

“I’ve suggested the importance of wearing appropriate riding gear, and I’ve been reluctant to say much about helmets. It’s a difficult topic to address. Not only do we all have different points of view, we humans have some interesting quirks in our thinking that make it difficult to agree on anything. For example, we’re all biased to look for information that supports our personal views, and ignore everything else. A lot of what passes for scientific study is pseudo-science where a paid consultant miraculously finds statistical confirmation for the desired outcome. What’s more, people tend to muddle science with politics, creating all sorts of emotional maelstroms. So, go ahead and get your flame thrower gassed up. Here’s what I’m thinking:”

Read the rest of David’s thoughts on this topic by clicking here!

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