Learning how to install vinyl stickers, the right way (why not?)

“Last year, I watched Brian Smith apply stickers. Here is his approach, learned from a big-time Porsche tuner…and it works great.” – Nick Ienatsch 

Nick asked me to outline my procedure for installing vinyl die-cut stickers on a motorcycle, car, truck, trailer, tool box, etc. I’m finding that it’s a lot like teaching someone to drive who doesn’t know which pedal does what! This is a simple task that requires a fairly long explanation.

This is something that we have all done and I’m sure have been frustrated by at one time or another. God knows I’ve messed up many a sticker with improper technique and I’m sure there are other ways to do this, but I’ve found some success and ease with this method.

Basic items needed for installation: Sticker, patience, scissors, masking tape, patience, plastic squeegee, ruler and did I mention patience? Some additional items not pictured would be: solvent prep for wax removal and a hair dryer for contoured surfaces.

Find out all the steps to installing vinyl stickers by clicking here to read the rest of this Ienatsch Tuesday column on Cycle World!


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